Terlano. A book for the gourmet and wine lover, and a poetic declaration of love to the wine of Terlano


“Wine has a memory. It remembers the cool mornings with the hoar frost lingering on the grass. It remembers the cicadas singing under the shimmering summer sun and in the golden light of autumn. Even the sun’s rays as they break through the clouds after a storm are placed on record. Every day is unique, and each is retained and stored in a glass of good wine.” Thus begins one of the ten chapters.

The book elucidates the special terroir of Terlano and communicates the Terlano wine philosophy based on tradition, individuality and longevity. The photographer Udo Bernhart, with his keen eye for detail, provides a clear and concise picture of the specific character of the Terlano wines: the unique sites in the steep and sunny vineyards located between 200 and 950 meters above sea-level, the work on the vines, and the aging process in the cellar.

The philosophical texts by the writer Karin Bernhart address the essentials that are the prerequisites of all outstanding wines: the earth, the sun, time and the people without whom there would be no wine. Useful information on the subject of wine is the contribution of the wine author Eva Ploner, who is also responsible for the PR and overall coordination of the project.

This 200-page, fully illustrated book on Cantina Terlano is in three languages: English, German and Italian.